Artist’s statement

To explain what drives my Art, I have to admit that the area where a concept is implied rather than verbalized holds the most weight for me. As a result, I currently align myself most comfortably with that of a Conceptual Artist. Concepts drawn from such broad headings as Science, Nature, or Environment are collected and grouped into smaller categories. I then work for a time amidst those boundaries. Doing so lends structure to concepts that could be otherwise difficult to convey. Each piece I create is therefore linked to all the others through ideas rather than the continuous use of a single material or genre. The choice of materials is not a deliberate decision, but instead chosen because a group of materials attracts me in some unconscious way. Their importance gradually becomes apparent to me and made useful to insinuate the underlying concept held within a particular piece of Art.


Mardi Burnham

Born:  Evanston, Illinois

Solo Exhibits

Selected Group Exhibitions: 1990-2012

Selected Exhibitions: 1980-1990  


Teton Science Schools, Kelly, Wyoming, Summer 2007

Gallery Affiliation



Teton Science Schools, Kelly, Wyoming, Summer 2007